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The Blog - Why you should visit Rwanda!

Why you should visit Rwanda!

Author: Owen, 2015-05-05 .

Rwanda last month made it to the international headlines once again for the right reasons- after being named as the third greenest place in the world for 2015, by the World Travel Guide.

The international travel guide for adventurous travelers placed Rwanda ahead of world renowned destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Australia and Copenhagen amongst others.   

The travel guide was impressed by Rwanda’s pro environment policies such as banning plastic bags conservation efforts and plans such as the introduction of Lions and Rhinos to its National parks especially the Akagera National Park.

This is not the first time that Rwanda has been placed top of a ranking, it has been severally listed as one of the safest cities on the African continent where tourists can walk on the streets at any time of the day or night without fear.

But beyond being a safe and environmentally friendly country, Rwanda has multiple reasons to be your top travel destination.

Rwanda’s accessibility probably tops the list, the country is well connected to the world via its National carrier, RwandAir- joining other international and regional competitors like- Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines among others.

Even better is that African passport holder does not need to go through visa procedures prior to their arrival, Rwanda has Visa on Entry for African passport holders and a large number of countries beyond Africa. Those requiring visas can do it online.

With the  just concluded airport renovation, visa processes are fast and convenient.

Rwanda might be famous for Mountain gorillas, but truth is that there is so much more ranging from cultural, historical, spiritual to leisurely activities such as Canopy Walks.

Historically not much about Rwanda prior to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi is public knowledge, hence the reason to visit the National Museum of Rwanda which could easily have one of the best archaeological collections in East Africa with more than 10,000 artifacts. The display of artifacts gives a detailed insight to the pre- colonial lifestyles, colonial times and the country’s path to a modern African state.  

Did you know that Rwanda also had a king, complete with a throne and a royal blood line?

Perhaps not, Nyanza Royal Palace serves it purpose well as a replica of the traditional royal palace with an impressive, enormous domed structure is made entirely with traditional materials to give visitors a feel of the pre-colonial Rwanda.

A recent addition to the tourism eco-system is the art galleries that have ‘sprung’ all across the country bearing visual arts and pieces from renowned and upcoming artists. The pieces of canvas and carvings are more than items to hang on walls, they are stories told in a way few can. 

Kigali alone hosts over five art Galleries among them, Inema Art centre, Ishyo Arts, Uburanga Art Gallery, Ivuka arts among others.

The creative’s industry also includes wearable art by local designers most of them Synonymous with African Print outfits.

Whether or not they say it, almost everyone who enters the country has questions in mind concerning the Rwandan Genocide and the path through recovery to the development and progress achieved.

That is why the Kigali Genocide Memorial and other memorial sites across the country exist. To give researchers, students and curious souls an insights to what they may be afraid to ask common individuals on the streets.

Beyond, its numerous attractions, Rwanda has recently become a gateway to her two neighbours Kenya and Uganda.

Together with two of her East African community neighbours, Uganda and Kenya, the land of A thousand hills last year launched an East African Tourist Visa which allows tourist to visit the three countries without having to pay more on Visa charges.

Tourists visiting Rwanda mostly have in mind a short lived trip, a week or so they say, a large number end up staying, you might too.


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