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The Blog - Viewing Golden Monkeys Rwanda – An Unique Experience

Viewing Golden Monkeys Rwanda – An Unique Experience

Author: Administrator, 2015-12-17 .

 Africa has fascinated innumerable travelers and tourists since a long time. Needless to say, its forests are the main attractions for the footloose tourists. Majority of the African nations receive abundant rainfall and this is one of the main reasons for the dense forests in the continent. Africa is also home to various kinds of flora and fauna. It is amazing to note that some of the rarest species are found in this continent.

Geographical features of Rwanda

Geographical features in Rwanda are varied. The country abounds in lakes, mountains, forests, swamps and plains. And to preserve nature and animals in the country, there are three National Parks in Rwanda – Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe and Akagera. Nyungwe contains almost 200 species of plants and trees including begonias and orchids along with varieties of primate species. Usually the monkeys move in large groups. Akagera is mainly known for elephants and giraffes and other large animals. Last but not the least Volcanoes National Park is known for its mountain gorilla population.

Trekking to visit monkeys in Rwanda

Not viewing golden monkeys Rwanda on visiting the place is surely a great miss for any traveler. It is interesting to note that exclusive trekking plans are made to catch a glimpse of these rare species of monkeys in Rwanda. Presently these monkeys move about in two distinct troops. And each troop has about 80-100 members in it. Since these monkeys are rare and endangered, it is ensured that they are not harmed in any manner. If you are putting up at Nyungwe forest lodge, there are arrangements made for trekking from the lodge to see these rare species of primates.

Entertaining primate species

The Golden monkeys Rwanda are quite spirited creatures. Trekking gives you the opportunity of taking a close look at the species. The only problem is that these monkeys are very energetic and keep on jumping from one branch of a tree to another. If you want to take a photograph of them, it might be pretty difficult. Adjust your camera settings so that if you are lucky in finding a sitting primate, you can click instantly. 

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