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The Blog - New lion cubs born in Rwanda.

New lion cubs born in Rwanda.

Author: Owen, 2016-06-14 .

Just last year, Akagera National Park in Rwanda received seven lions, donated by South African parks, Beyond Phida Private Game Reserve which sent five females and Tembe elephant Reserve Park that sent two male lions. The lions were ushered into the Rwanda soils on the 30th June, 2015. These are the first lions in Rwanda for about two decades, the previous ones having become extinct due to encroachment and being poisoned by the natives to protect their cattle from the lions. This came about as an after math of the genocide, the park wasn’t fenced and therefore the animals were not guarded, the natives kept poisoning the lions until their extinct.

The pride has brought joy to the park as Shema, a lioness has made a new generation of lions with three new born cubs. The 11year old lioness is currently nursing her 6weeks (estimated) old cubs. Five years old Ntwari being the proud father and also the dominant male in the Akagera group. The guides at the park also report that more cubs are expected, since Ntwari has been seen mating with other females of the pride. The cubs were spotted with their mother on Thursday, 12th. The lions have boosted the tourism of Rwanda, as for the recordings of last year approximately 32,000 visitors were recorded, 44% being Rwandese. Rhinoceros are also being planned for to join the wildlife of Rwanda and then tourists will be able to see all the big five in Rwanda. That is the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and the rhino

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